What is a GoSense Ambassador?

Ambassadors ensure distribution through sollicitation or sales gatherings organised as an independent door-to-door seller in accordance with Articles L. 135-3 et subsequent articles of the French Trade Law. An annual payment on sales made directly by the ambassador will be agreed upon. This payment will be equal to a percentage that will be stipulated in a contract signed between GoSense and said ambassador. Ambassadors are fully independent and free to organise their own sales activity, their networking activity and their objectives, without any subordination link to GoSense.

What is the reason for choosing to develop a sales network made up of visually impaired ambassadors and GoSense product users?

It is through field knowledge and by developing a close relationship with its future users that GoSense realised the importance of developing a network of visually impaired ambassadors to sell GoSense products. Whenever two visually impaired people sharing the same daily challenges interact, they advise and listen to each other. The GoSense team therefore naturally conluded that it was necessary that visually impaired people and GoSense users be in charge of selling the company’s products.

In the end, who could be better at selling GoSense products than one of the products’ actual users?

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