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Rango is an electronic device that may be added to a white cane to enhance it with smart properties. By attaching it to a regular white cane, Rango allows users to sense and avoid any obstacles they may come across. It provides users with head to toe and shoulder-width protection. Rango is a fully virtual smart shield that protects users by locating and identifying obstacles that represent real danger. Used in combination with Wizigo’s features, it allows users to move around by themselves easily and safely. Rango’s many free updates ensure a continuous evolution of the product to meet users’ needs.

Obstacle location with sound

iOS and Android compatible through the Rango mobile app

Bluetooth connection

Scalable with free regular updates

Lightweight (107g: lighter than a Smartphone)

3.5-hour battery life
(i.e. requires charging once or twice a week)

Intuitive pie menu

Easy to use with limited feedbacks to the user

Night visibility LED

Shockproof / Waterproof (IP64 rating)

Universal fit to suit any regular white cane


Full detection
Rango boasts a complete full-body detection system. It only alerts you if there is indeed a dangerous obstacle in your path.

Where am I?
Rango tells you exactly where you are located at any time during your travel.

3D audio feedback
Rango detects obstacles up to 2.5 meters away and retranscribes the position of the obstacles on the path with a 3D sound feedback..

Public transportation schedules
Rango allows you to know in real time your public transport schedule when you are close to its stop.