The electronic device that revolutionizes the white cane

Why and how does Rango make all the difference?

Rango is an electronic product to be fixed on a traditional white cane, which allows visually impaired people to better detect obstacles and more easily find their way around.

The traditional white cane can detect obstacles at ground level, but it does not do a good job of detecting those that are high or have little footprint, such as mailboxes, truck tailgates when making deliveries, some fences, restaurant tables or tree branches. When scanning the white cane, it is also common to miss some ground level obstacles, especially those that are narrow.

All this causes stress and fatigue and induces a high risk of injury.

That’s where Rango comes in. With Rango, using a white cane becomes safer. Journeys become more serene, more fluid, and above all safer.


The electronic device that revolutionizes the white cane.

Medical device
Made in France
2 years warranty


Rango is a medical device that makes white canes smart. Attached to a traditional white cane and connected via Bluetooth to the user’s phone, Rango provides 3D navigation and obstacle location.

Rango is a smart virtual shield which protects from head to toe and shoulder width. It locates and identifies obstacles that represent a danger and transmits useful information to the user in the form of sounds, thanks to extra-auricular earphones, noor, included in the Rango kit.

The dedicated mobile app, Rango, is available on iPhone and Android. By connecting with their smartphones, users get additional services on the go, such as intersection announcements and access to nearby transportation schedules. Rango’s software updates are also offered free of charge through the mobile application. GoSense ensures that its users, the Rangonauts, have continuous product evolution as close as possible to their needs and to the field.


3D Detection

Rango has a full body detection system.

Where am I?

Rango tells you exactly where you are at any given time when you are on the move.

Public transport timetables

Instant access to public transportation schedules when you are near a stop.

Intersection announcement

Be vocally alerted as you approach an intersection.


Scalable – Regular updates
Universal mounting on a white cane
Bluetooth connection
Shock resistant / Waterproof (IP64)
Light (107g: lighter than a smartphone)
Visibility LED
iOS and Android compatible with the Rango mobile app
Location of obstacles with sound
3h30 autonomy
(i.e. 1 to 2 recharges per week)
Easy to use with limited returns to the user
Rechargeable with micro USB

photo noor et rango en utilisation pour être averti et éviter un obstacle

Aid and reimbursements

Recognised as a medical device, the Rango kit can benefit from purchase subsidies or reimbursements in France, but also within the European Union. At GoSense, we have decided to help you with the process. In France, the Rango Kit is already reimbursed 75% by the MDPH, the French departmental office for disabled people.

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