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    an ambassador

    It was in the field, close to its future users, that GoSense realized the value of a network of visually impaired ambassadors to sell its products. Ultimately, who better to sell GoSense products than a user? Who lives with the same issues on a daily basis, and who represents the very DNA of GoSense? The ambassador creates links in his territory and connects to associations around him. They share their experience during Rango workshops by phone or in person. They represent GoSense, promote its values and sell GoSense products.

    Distribution of products

    It ensures the distribution by way of canvassing or meetings in the capacity of user and independent home seller in accordance with articles L. 1353 -and following of the Commercial Code.


    Calculated on the sales made directly by the ambassador, it will be equal to a percentage fixed in advance in a contract signed between GoSense and the ambassador.


    The ambassador will be completely independent and free to organize their own business, network and objectives, without any subordination to GoSense. GoSense may provide initial and occasional assistance on various subjects (help and support for the creation of his or her own business, product training, sales training, management training and the provision of various tools or sales support documentation, etc.).


    Various communication tools are made available to the ambassador, which he or she is free to use. These tools are there to share their experience, but also to benefit from those of others. A Facebook group, « le coin des Rangonautes », is available. A GoSense Facebook page (, « GoSense » accounts: Tweeter (@gosense), Instagram (@gosense_) and Linkedin (@gosense), are also available. Gatherings can be organized by GoSense, allowing everyone to experience convivial moments together.

    Because GoSense is a human adventure that is shared.