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the community sound GPS adapted to visually impaired and blind people.

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photomontage work area warned by wizigo


The community sound GPS adapted to visually impaired and blind people.

The Wizigo application is the first free community GPS that allows a visually impaired person to find their way around town thanks to spatialized sound (3D). You can easily get where you want without taking your phone out of your pocket. Connected to a web platform,, you can find your routes, points of interest and information via the community, quietly at home from your computer.

With, you can also « lend your eyes » to visually impaired people, and complete the database by creating sound routes, points of interest, or work zones, around your home. In this way, you help these people to find their way around better. Your action benefits the whole community of Wizigo users, the « Wizigoths »!

Available on the App Store
And soon on Google Play

Getting started and logging into Wizigo for the first time

After creating your user account that makes you a « Wizigoth », you will be offered an audio tutorial when you first login. You can find the Wizigo tutorials directly in the settings of your mobile application. The application is easy to use and compatible with screen readers like VoiceOver (and soon Talkback).

Wizigo and sound

Wizigo is a fully voice-enabled mobile application with a visual interface. The design of Wizigo allows the use of screen readers, which makes the mobile application accessible to all. In this dynamic of universality and simplicity, Wizigo has 3 distinctive sounds combined with a voice, to constitute the guidance of Wizigo: A distinct sound directs you in the right direction to take. A distinct sound confirms that you are in the right direction and also helps you to walk straight (repeating every 4 steps of the user). And finally, a distinct sound, called validation, when you cross one of the stages of your journey, materialized by virtual sound beacons or sound GPS points. Wizigo also offers you the possibility to select the type of audio feedback you want. Your sound interface of 3 distinct sounds is therefore customizable.

The « pocket » mode

You can also make your trips with the phone in your pocket. A calibration is necessary and is done by pressing the « lock screen » button. Follow the two steps which are vocalized. Repeat the action each time you want to put the phone in your pocket.

Sound routes

From the comfort of your home computer, using the web platform, you can schedule personalized routes. Which automatically sync with your GoSense Wizigo mobile application. By customizing your routes, Wizigo will guide you on the sidewalks and alert you to the presence of a pedestrian crossing. From the GoSense Wizigo mobile application, you can also calculate and play automatic routes by entering a destination address in the Wizigo address field, or search for a nearby point of interest, such as a bakery. Wizigo will then guide you to that destination.

Points of interest

With this feature, from MyWizigo or directly from Wizigo, you can list and create points of interest on your way. For example, shops, a subway station, a bus stop, a public bench in a park … Once bookmarked, you will be automatically alerted of the presence of these points of interest. It’s impossible to pass by without noticing.

Work areas

With this feature, from MyWizigo or directly from Wizigo, you can list and create work zones on your way or in your neighborhood. Once the work zone is entered, you will be automatically alerted of its presence. It is impossible to pass through and risk an accident.


With this feature, benefit from a community and adapted database, shared by all users, the « Wizigoths ». In practice: invite, follow friends and create your private group of « Wizigoths ». Eventually the community will become totally open to all, allowing for freedom of movement. That’s what Wizigo is: a real community!


In your settings, you can find your tutorials and customize your sound interface. More generally, your settings allow you to configure your Wizigo to your needs.

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The entire GoSense community in your pocket

Available on the App Store
And soon on Google Play®

The web interface to prepare your journeys in advance, from home.

The web interface allows users to easily manage the accessibility of their city. It allows everyone to « lend their eyes » by creating audio routes and points of interest. is a free web interface that complements the mobile application Wizigo. You will be able to create in advance your audio routes, check your points of interest and share them with the community, via, from your home. Once you are ready to go, you will find your route directly on your smartphone! is a free web interface, serving your mobility. It allows any visually impaired person, a family member, a caregiver, or a professional to participate in the accessibility of the territory.

Join a community of blind people, sighted people and professionals. Share, if you wish, your routes/ points of interest/ work areas and benefit from the community database which gives you access to the same data. Add to the database to earn points and become an « expert ».

Wizigo a GPS like no other…

While most other brands are developing voice and visual guidance, with Wizigo, GoSense takes the opposite approach and offers a more natural and intuitive use. 3D sound, combined with voice, allows Wizigo users to experience virtual signage based on their natural sensory abilities.

Traditional GPS systems offer vocalized directions, and it is often difficult to understand them well. How to make directional changes: which way to go, where to turn, when to exit…?

Wizigo transmits you the vocalized information, but in addition, Wizigo guides you with a 3D sound in superimposition of your environment. You locate the sound that clarifies the spoken information. By following the sound and voice, you know easily what to do: which way to go, and where to turn…

GoSense reuses our natural ability to detect sounds in space. Wizigo is a true sound compass, offering you sound and vocalized routes and ultimately, a new and more intuitive guidance experience. Without seeing, your journeys become smoother and safer.

Finally, the customization of sound routes, allows you to offer guidance, not at the level of roads as traditional or specialized GPS, but at the level of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. For a better user experience.

Wizigo photomontage used in a shopping mall

Wizigo for the professionals

Since 2015, GoSense has been developing innovative solutions, both physical and digital, to improve and secure the mobility of visually impaired people but not only.

The proposed solutions are economically affordable and technologically new. They are based on the natural human ability to detect sounds in space and use audio augmented reality to guide and secure, easily, the movements of people with reduced mobility.

Wizigo is a free mobile application for the user. It is a guidance system for outdoor and indoor navigation that uses mixed technologies (GPS signal, Bluetooth beacon, pedometer measurements…) to provide the most accurate guidance experience possible. The application is also community-based, which allows for correction, sharing and feedback, in real time. This is participatory accessibility.

Wizigo photomontage used to locate his train car, on the platform

Wizigo is not only a mobile application; it is also a way to activate a physical audio beacon, located for example at a business entrance door, a bus stop, a train carriage door or integrated in a traffic light.
Licenses are available for private and public companies that want to make their services or buildings accessible. Finally, Wizigo is connected to a participatory web platform, offers an interface and a specialized service for professionals who use the Wizigo solution.

Wizigo is therefore the main building block of GoSense’s connected accessibility solution for a smart and inclusive city.
GoSense is involved in various projects of this nature: « smart city » or « smart acccessibility ».

GoSense won the special accessibility and innovation award -Smart Paris 2024-, aimed at making the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris accessible.

Choose sustainable accessibility… Choose Wizigo!